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Friday, August 04, 2006


New Starts + Le Rongeur

This is it. A new screenname; email account; blog. In short, a fresh start. I have finally got settled with this new name after two hours of glaring at my (admittedly rather grubby) monitor and, simultaneously, cursing. The cursing was largely at two things:

1) AOL (hurling insults at AOL is nothing new, I may add) and the 'screen name is already taken' messages that popped up incessantly at my every idea.
2) My lack of imagination in coming up with a screen name which is reasonably accessible, doesn’t have a string of numbers following it and personal to me.

I didn't fully appreciate just how strange this would be- to create an entirely new account. My favourites list comprises of one thing- stark emptiness. When I type a letter into the browser it doesn't instantly come up with the address, ie: i for imdb.com. I have nobody on my buddylist to IM. Hmm. My account feels quite...lonely. Ah well. That's why it's called a settling in period...right? I will soon have this SN absolutely chocka with the same old junk cluttering up my other accounts, I'm sure.

Which brings me er, not so smoothly, onto le rongeur. Rodent. We currently have visitors, and not in the conventional sense. It happened that a few weeks ago, I heard in the front room a curious scraping in the walls, rather like a small being filing its nails or gnawing on something hard and (I'm sure) tasty. I thought nothing of it- it was just the water in my ears from going swimming that morning. That is, until yesterday. I've been having one of those stressful times when every night I have terrible nightmares. The night before last I'd had a particularly frightening one (involving a meat loving KingKong and a university campus loaded with students- don't ask) (well, ok, it was frightening at the time) so I was reluctant to go to sleep. After tossing and turning for the better part of an hour, trying to settle, I thought better of it and joined my mum downstairs. It transpired that I was sat at the computer, reading l'Etranger and watching a film, when, shortly after 2 in the morning it made an appearance. It was just a flash of grey in my peripheral vision, so dismissing it as "bloody hell, that's a pretty big moth", I was just about to turn around and resume my activities when I saw it.

Two feet, a small ball of grey fur and a spiny tail were rapidly disappearing into the venting hole beneath the fire in the fire place.

Yes, we have a mouse. Or possibly mice. Of course, being a typical girl, I squealed at the sight of it. Mum merely giggled. I remember having a mouse living in the wall when I was small- I was around 6 I think, but until now we were free. I hope we're not infested with a nest of them. Oh well, it could be worse I suppose. It could be a rat.


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