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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Exiting the technological "dark age"

Ok. Let's get this straight. I am not particularly techno savvy. Way back in the dark shadowy depths of time, I once had a livejournal. Which, needless to say, died a sudden death. Frustrated by my ability to only master the most basic of templates and produce images consisting of tiny squares and red crosses, whilst my contemporaries changed their backgrounds every week and had image after image in their posts, I swiftly moved on. Whilst my friends have upgraded to digital cameras, I still use my battered old Olympus film camera- which came free with my mobile phone. My friends can all take pictures and video with their mobile phones. They even have colour screens! I, however, have not progressed beyond the familiar comforts of my old dinosaur, the Nokia 3310. Ipod? I just got a Discman (old hat) this christmas gone (and yes, I'm actually being serious!) Now, this is not to say that I'm being ungrateful- far from it. My functional 'technology' from the dark ages suits me just fine- after all, I am a girl who doesn't even know how hyperlink, to lock her own phone or touch type.

But maybe there is hope. Perhaps there's a glimmer of light at the end of my (long, pitchblack) tunnel of technological accomplishments.

Yesterday we upgraded to digital TV! Yes, we are now the proud-er-viewers of Film Four (which is what we bought it for). Furthermore, I actually set it up! Or rather, I helped to set it up. But that's not important- it's just semantics. In fact, I was feeling so proud of myself that today I went one step further: I actually used a digital camera! To be precise, it is my younger brother's digital camera, which I have not laid a single finger on in the entire year he's had it, for fear that I wipe the memory card or cause the (admittedly flimsy looking) lens to fall off. What if I pressed the wrong button or scratched the LCD screen? Just thinking of the (astronomical, I'm sure) bill if I damaged it was deterrent enough. But. I decided it was time. Armed with my new found technical prowess (yes, that might be just a bit of hyperbole), head held high, heart full of the certainty that yes, I can DO this, I decided it was time to vanquish (one of) my technical fears and face up to the possibilities of digital cameras. Finally, I don't have to woefully admit "sorry I don't have a picture, due my technical incompetence!" This is a big thing for me, you must understand.

As for the ipod nano I've been thinking of buying...well, let's not get too ambitious, shall we?


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