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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Freshers Flu

"Oh my God, you sound terrible!" My mother exclaimed as she came to Durham to visit on Saturday.

It's true: I do.

Fresher's Flu

Has left me feeling

Decidedly blue.

So the mad frantic whirl of socialising, drinking and trying to memorise as many names as humanely possible has been put on hiatus. For practically the two whole weeks I've been here, early nights (I'm talking like 9PM here- the horror!!) have been on the cards, as have comforting hot drinks and sensible evening activities, such as sitting in front of the TV all evening.

No wild parties here. No drunken games of Twister here. No eating jelly out of a glass because every other piece of crockery is stacked by the fridge waiting to be washed up. Nope, not here. Although, saying that, I have joined Cuths Choir, started Mandarin (which is worryingly more interesting than my degree, although God does my head hurt), been to a church service and actually ENJOYED the sermons, joined the debating society, have French society and conversation tomorrow and participated in a film marathon (5 films back to back replete with an entire box of cherry liquers).

So excuse me for not posting here. I think the hacking, chesty cough, sandpaper-sore throat, raging fever and headache justifiably excuses my relative non-activity.

Stayed tuned...


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