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Monday, August 21, 2006


Miracle? Feel free to visit here please

This is distraction. Distraction from the tube of Pringles located within arms reach. Those Pringles have my name written on them. They're shouting to me, as Marlin and Dora to Bruce in Finding Nemo. They're calling to me, waving to me, blowing kisses at me. "Just. One. BITE!" They coo, triumphant in the knowledge that with just one thin, melt-on-the-tongue potato wafer, I will be sent hurtling over the edge and consume half ok, ok, the whole tube. My belly growls "hungry, hungry. feeeeeeeed me!" My eyes wander from the computer screen to the tube of potato crisps placed tantalisingly close. "No! No!" my mind argues. "You are NOT going to ruin your diet, OctoberPoppy! You went swimming this morning! Remember how good it felt to be able to wear that pair of trousers you haven't worn for years?" A smile lights my face. So I scoff half a peach, mentally thumbing my nose at the ridiculously salty and fat laden snack. "Stuff you, pringles! Look how good I am! I'm eating fruit! Yes! I CAN resist you!" I am proud of my (uncharacterisitic) restraint.

But the Pringles still call my name.

I don't even like Pringles.

I am obviously in
bad blood sugar.

The Adele Puhn 5 day diet is nothing short of miraculous. My legs are the most toned they've been for years; my face less puffy; the bloating of my stomach after eating meals has disappeared. Your skin becomes clearer, purified of toxins and more radiant. There is a spring in my step. I have more energy- I feel less sluggish. My periods are less painful. My tastebuds have come alive- instead of mindlessly shovelling my meals down, I savour them now. My collar bones are defined. I feel so confident in the swimming changing rooms that I change in the municipal area. I am no longer ashamed of my body. I feel triumphant when people eye me oddly for eating carrots and celery on the bus instead of crisps and chocolate. I feel liberated.

But I have had my lapses. Junk food, although I see it for the poison it is, still calls my name. When I'm really hungry (which is a lot when I've been swimming), and it feels as though my stomach is eating through my backbone, my hands still snake out of their own accord for something sugary or fatty. The 5 day Miracle diet may be the best (dietary) thing I've ever done for my body, but it's a battle all the way. I may be resisting the Pringles right now, but this craving is a sign that my willpower will probably give out sometime in the near future and I'll be at diet rock bottom once more. My cravings just won't subside. And so I fall down the slippery slope into bad blood sugar more frequently than I would like to admit. I need more than a miracle to battle my lust for salty carbs.



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