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Saturday, November 04, 2006


Home sweet home

"Mmmm, God that's great," I mumble to nobody in particular in between wolfing down forkfuls of cheese loaded tortilla with lumps of ham, peppers, onions and tomato, spiced with tomato salsa.
"That's only because you haven't had to cook it," Mum cocks a sardonic eyebrow.
"True...but a proper lunch is damned good- better than the toast and peanut butter that I've been surviving on every lunchtime, anyway," I concede.
I came back to Manchester yesterday. The train was 45 minutes late, I'm gnashing my teeth over the poor dial up internet connection (Uni is spiffy quicker than quick Broadband) and I had to tote home a bunch of work for a test on Monday...but boy, being home is damned good.
*Stretches languously, knowing she doesn't have to cook or wash up for the near future...well for the next two days anyway...*


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