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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Oh yeah, baby

My shiny, sparkly, spankingly new HP laptop arrived on Friday. We’ve had a brief adjustment period, an exhange of names, a 'getting to know you' period and now I’m ready to introduce my baby to the world. So are you ready? I mean really ready? Are you sure? Ok...Here goes…

The audience waits with bated breath, the atmosphere taut with expectation. Sumptuous red velvet curtains glide back to reveal the exquisite contours of my HP laptop. It is arranged decorously against an ebony background, spotlit to perfection, revealing its smooth lines in all their glory. The glossy screen is polished to a high lustre. The keyboard beckons invitingly. The snazzy red lights of the mouse wink seductively.

“This is not just any laptop. This is an HP Pavilion Laptop, a DV2054EA laptop.” The voice is languid, a come-hither whisper in your ear. “This is a laptop with the latest bells and whistles, with flashing blue lights and a carefully crafted shell…just. for. you.” The voice croons its magic, weaving its spell. The audience are held rapt, entangled in the seductive web, lured by the promise of a powerful Intel Duo Core processor and an array of bonus features. “This is a laptop fashioned from titanium, with white gold trimmings and jewel encrusted keys-”

Oh, all right, all right. I may be exaggerating, just a tad. But you gotta admit, it is a beauty (the picture doesn't really do it justice, unfortunately my baby just isn't photogenic). It's early days, but I'm definitely impressed- Bon Marché indeed!

My touch typing is not working. Firstly because I have been terribly naughty and FAILED to practice diligently every single day. Bad girl, OctoberPoppy! Secondly, when I do muster up the energy to do it properly (as opposed to a lacklustre effort) I can’t resist the temptation to cast sneaky looks at the keyboard, to see whether my hands are actually in the right position. (Hmm, is that really ’t’? or is it ’r’? *looks down* Oh wrong again, it’s ’r’). I should be big enough to not look at the keyboard and make mistakes, but I’m not. I’d rather be smug and be able to say I completed an exercise with 100% accuracy, even if I did cheat and look at the keys(!) Every time I load Mavis Beacon I stiffen my backbone and resolve to not look at the keyboard, but somehow, of their own accord, my eyes drift down for a brief look before snapping back to the screen in their rightful position. Thirdly, an admission even worse than my second confession, is that sometimes I am too lazy to be bothered with touchtyping and it’s easier to revert back to my old, dreadful (but trusty) method of typing with two fingers AND looking at the keyboard the entire time. This, obviously, will just not do! Somehow the days have fled by and it’s an entire two ok, three days since I last practiced. Damnit. I will, I WILL work up the motivation to become a fully fledged touch-typist!


Blogger Kim said...

Ahh, I love your writing :)

Your new laptop is very pretty.. hurrah! They are indeed fine creatures. Though I've had mine almost six months now, so he (yes, he's a he; he's called Lance - I'm strange, I know) is a little less shiny and spanky as he once was.

Hahah... Mavis Beacon. She's fun. I used to have that years ago, when we got our very first computer :)

1:03 pm  

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