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Wednesday, November 15, 2006



I need some advice:

The "one and only, biggest Cuth's event of the year" Epiphany Ball.


£50 remain in my pocket and I use it (towards) going inter-railing/ travelling abroad/ Going to France to help with my French studies at some later date in the year.

What do you think?

Bearing in mind that I've already got a swish gown (two in fact!) BUT £50 is the equivalent of my budget for two weeks.


Blogger Haron said...

Hi there :) A college ball is nice, but go to the summer one rather than the winter one. It's better for showing off your gown, and also the outdoor attractions make it all better.

(Credentials: I went into quite a few Durham college balls in my time with the troupe of the belly-dancing soc, and winter balls are good for one thing: saving money by not going.)

8:58 am  
Blogger OctoberPoppy said...

Good advice, I'll take it :D

12:19 pm  
Anonymous Abel said...

Hold on - Haron explains that winter balls sometimes have belly dancing displays, and then advocates *NOT* going? (I'd agree with my darling wife's advice, though, and not just because she'd sulk if I disagreed with her in public!).

12:12 am  

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