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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


La Mouche

"There's a fly stuck in the icing of your currant bun", I point out helpfully.
"What? Where?" She abruptly snaps out of her reverie.
"There." I point at the offending creature, which is currently gorging itself stupid on her lunch.
She slowly gets to her feet, uncoiling to her full height. Eyes narrowed, brandishing a wad of papers, she is poised, alert. THWACK! The currant bun deflates at the blow, while the fly, unharmed, buzzes off in pursuit of another meal.
"Ohhhh, darn it, now I've got sticky icing all over my work," she moans. While she attempts to wipe away the mess, I giggle helplessly, knowing it's dangerous, given the mood she's in, but unable to help myself. "And if that appears on your blog, I'll smack your face," she threatens. I shoot her an innocently virtuous, butter-wouldn't-melt look.
So I've posted this up just to see what she'll do.


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