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Friday, November 17, 2006


Computer Woes

The laptop is NOT fixed.
Yesterday's euphoria "yes! It works! I can have it on for half an hour without it crashing!" has burst; It has crashed well over 5 times today alone.
Only yesterday it worked fine, but today it is throwing a tantrum.
The problem is worse than ever; there are messages popping up that Systamec, bluetooth, word, webcam, Quicktime and numerous applications I'm not even running and have never run have encountered problems and must shut down. It cannot possibly be a virus; my entire computer was wiped only two days ago and I haven't connected to Broadband since. I am not connected to the internet; I have not uploaded any software; the bloody thing was restored to factory settings only yesterday.
The messages that pop up concern "total memory failure" "driver errors" and other jargon that I cannot possibly comprehend.
All I have done is played DVDs and gone on Works Suite to write an essay.
I have left three messages at John Lewis, spoken to three separate people since 9AM through to 3PM requesting that someone please call me back to help solve this problem.
There has been no response.
Would it be completely out of line that I return the computer to John Lewis and request either A) a replacement model or B) a total refund?
It's terrible that I have to resort to this, but the fault is so pronounced that I can't use my laptop without it crashing every 5 minutes and seing as it's doing it even in Safe Mode AND with full factory restore I hardly think it's something that I've done.
It is RIDICULOUS that I have spent £800 (two years worth of savings) on a laptop for this to happen after two months and no-one is helping me. I SPECIFICALLY bought a good laptop; I did weeks of research; bought it from a reputable shop which offered two years warranty. As for John Lewis turning round, telling me that they "couldn't get it to crash; we've run a full system scan; there's nothing wrong with your computer; the only option available to you is factory restore"...well, that's just plain bollocks.
How do I get them to believe me?
At the minute I feel like I am beating my head against a brick wall...while time marches on and I still don't have a (usable) laptop.


Blogger Kim said...

arrgh, how frustrating!

I doubt you'd be able to get a refund. I even doubt you'd be able to get a replacement. Mine broke back early on in the summer - different kind of problem though, it was with the power supply. I asked for a replacement, but they wouldn't provide one (this was Comet, though). It got sent off back to the provider - Acer - where they fixed it. Took a bloody long time. About 6 weeks. I got it back in full working order though; they said the only way I would have got a replacement would be if they could not fix it.

What I would do is take it back to John Lewis again and stand firm that you're not happy, it's completely messed up even though you've only just reformatted it; and see if you can somehow get a replacement. I don't think it will be that unreasonable, especially as they've tried to fix it for you already to no avail.

Good luck with that, m'dear...

6:02 pm  
Blogger mur said...

Sounds like some kind of hardware problem, sometimes video cards can cause havoc as can a dodgy hard drive.
Hope ya can fix it!

1:34 pm  
Blogger OctoberPoppy said...

Thanks for your support, I took it back two weeks ago and after insisting that they looked at it and that I wasn't leaving Newcastle until they admitted there was something wrong with it, they analysed it. Three hours wait later and it turned out that there's a problem with the hard-drive, DVD drive AND the video card. Needless to say, it's been sent back to HP, I still haven't heard anything and if HP can't face it, I'm getting a replacement model. What a nightmare!

1:43 pm  

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