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Friday, December 22, 2006



It's quarter past eight!

I still haven't had a bath!

I haven't packed my suitcase!

I haven't organised my reading!

I haven't tidied my room!

I haven't organised the rubble of papers, library books, music and unwrapped gifts for various people which have unceremoniously been dumped on top of my piano!

I've been home a week and have yet to tackle the mountain of work that needs to be done for uni!

So what HAVE I been doing?


Sleeping (very important, you understand- I'm making up for all those times at uni where I subsisted on 4-5 hours sleep a night...shocking!)

Accompanying old college friends on quests for bright blonde wigs at Affleck's Palace (don't ask).

Drunk an awful lot of coffee. Chatted an awful lot to people who weren't really awfully interested about "the state of my life".

Wandered aimlessly around the shops under the guise of "christmas shopping" and instead ended up treating myself (lavishly) instead.

Spent a worrying amount of time thinking about a certain person and mooning over my mobile phone, willing a certain person to text me.

Played the piano for the first time in 11 weeks (God, how I've missed my piano)

Fully cultivated the art of being lazy.

Debated whether to have a Bond Party or not for my birthday on the 16th Jan (guys in suits and bowties, girls in glitzy dresses, martinis, canapes, bond themed music...my Mum even bought me a mini roulette table for the occasion)

In short, not much of what I SHOULD be doing.

The plan was to work furiously, to read my way through the stack of novels to be read, to practice my piano diligently, to experiment with new and exciting dishes and become a cooking GENIUS, ready to dazzle my friends with my new found accomplishments when I return to uni.

It hasn't happened yet.

But give me time...next week. Next week I'm going to get my nose down to the grindstone, you'll see. I will. Honest, I will.

But for now it's half eight...and I have a suitcase to pack.

A bath to have.

Reading to organise.

A room to tidy.

A student's work is obviously never done...


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