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Thursday, December 28, 2006



I normally never bother with New Years Resolutions. They have always been a case of made today, broken tomorrow. There was the "I am going to keep a personal, private diary for an entire year"...which lasted the grand total of a week and a half. There was the "I am going to do 50 stomach crunches every single night before I go to sleep until I get a washboard stomach!" That lasted two nights before the excuses rolled in...and was ultimately abandoned. There was the "I am going to learn how to knit!" Then I discovered how time consuming it was and how costly wool is and thought again. The "I am going to walk an extra mile a day to school and lose that excess"- which, to give me credit, I did for the remainder of my college days...only I ate more at breakfast and break to compensate and so the positive effects were, sadly, ruined.

But no more.

I am, this year, going to make small but significant resolutions and stick to them, like

1) I am going to sleep properly, instead of surviving on 4-5 hours sleep a night at uni (going to bed at 2 and getting up at 7 everyday cannot be healthy, I am sure). I am going to stop being an insomniac at uni (I've slept normally ie: very deeply, like the dead, at home- it's just at uni that I CANNOT seem to get to sleep and, even though I'm desperately tired, cannot switch my brain off).

2) I am going to be brave and actually cook with eggs! (I have been too scared of poisoning myself and giving myself salmonella...even with lyon brand eggs- ridiculous I know)

3) I am NOT going to let the fact that I am now in a relationship (with my very first ever boyfriend at the grand age of 18 almost 19) wreck my degree- I AM going to focus on my studies and not think about him all day!

4) I MUST do more work this semester and spend two hours per day at the least in the uni library.

5) I must make an effort to a) phone home b) email home c) update blog regularly

6) I must must must do more Mandarin (sadly neglected)

7) I AM going to join some more societies and pack my days as full as is humanely possible to get the most out of my experience.

That is all. I think that's achievable... no problem...


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